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A few days ago Sol and I were reading a book with a bird in it. ‘Bir’ she yelled looking at the picture, then ran to the Christmas tree and touched the wooden fantail bird hanging from it. Then she pointed to the tree where a real tui bird sat singing down at her. Bird bird bird. The world is full of wonder and birds that we love, birds that we create and birds that we have dreamed of. I have three new offerings for 2017:

1. The Wild and Good Way

A seven week exploration and embodiment of your chakras and intuition. This will incorporate meditation, movement, writing practices, shamanic journeying, self healing, access to your guides, laughter and ongoing practices and tools to lead you back towards your inner guidance and awaken your soul’s fire. This will be transformative so be prepared. First intake Feb 18th at Studio Tula Dunedin.

2. Movement and Meditation

Lunchtime classes at Studio Tula Dunedin, starting March 2017. These include guided meditation and free movement using butoh practices and poetry.

3. Rahanni Energy Healings and Soul Readings

In person in Dunedin (and further afield by arrangement) as well as distance healings globally. After the healing you will receive a record of your chakric health plus any messages from guides who may step forward, information from past lives and practical tips on how to progress into greater physical emotional and energetic health. Expect powerful healing!

Plus my Wild and Good Food Revolutions are still running for eating and energetic shifts. Women and men have used these to overcome chronic fatigue, shift weight, gain mental clarity, boost immunity and reset their relationship with food and the earth. Testimonials here.

Whatever your guidance tells you for 2017, follow it. I hope your year ahead will have you feeling alive and in love with the world and all the birds in it.

Email for $$ pricing, scheduling and chats.

So much love. XXXX

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