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wandering in venice


Still can’t believe we are here as we tuck into homemade brekkie on the island of Giudecca, Venice. Through the barred window of the old grain store where our hostel is located, we can glimpse the famous skyline and feel the coolish breeze drifting off the canal as Venice wakes up to another gently dazzling day.


We arrived yesterday afternoon and hopped straight on a watertaxi, an incredible way to introduce ourselves to this most breathtaking floating city.


Our evening was spent wandering the alleyways between Ponte Rialto and San Marco with a takeaway cup of the local favourite drink ‘spritz.’ Not entirely sure what it is but tasting somewhere between undiluted orange cordial and medicine it certainly woke us up… Enjoyably having no guide book, we glimpsed the great luminous structure of the Basilica from several alleyways and sort of circled it, drawing closer and closer without realising what it was. Then all at once we were in the square gazing up at its elegant majesty. Venice makes you wonder what your true creativity is and whether you would suffer for it. We are heading back for a second, more careful look today.


Venice is fairly pricey but we found a bottle of 4 Euro red wine, produced just 25km outside the city. And, after much squirrelling, a beautiful quiet little wooden panelled restaurant with spotted ceiling mirrors where we ate mixed seafood skewers and polenta washed down with a glass of prosecco – classic Venetian fare.


And we found this amazing antique book shop on the way home…


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