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Three Steps to a Life of Miracles


Miracle awareness I’ve got down. The problem is, being so adept at this first step: ‘noticing burgeoning almost miracles,’ I’ve not progressed that far beyond a nursery state of perpetual gratitude. Which is great, and makes me pretty cheerful to be with, but not necessarily living to full extent.

But this weekend, partying with friends, Steps 2 and 3 in miracle making made themselves determinedly known. They came brandishing an ultimatum. Meet these requirements or no miracles.

To be really clear, I discovered that I can’t drink wine. Not like I used to. That being a party girl or, perhaps more aptly, a philosophizing wino, no longer aids me. It doesn’t offer the deep, rich, rooty soil for my miracles to flourish in.

It’s a miracle (yes it is!) that I was able to reach this within a circle of loved friends. I felt safe. But it was still a hard-out ultimatum, albeit handed to me with a chaser of whiskey.

But before steps 2 and 3, first step 1, that state of grace into which we are all born.


1. Observation

There is much talk of miracles right now.

Miracles that cascade benevolently when you begin to anticipate them, even expect them.

Miracles that manifest when you are aligned with the world, when you are open and ready, in a position to accept them.

Miracles that arise when you are assured of grace.


The warped and mossed door to the grand miracle palace is there to be pushed open, say the miracle workers. Inside lies your love, your health, your life’s purpose, your abundance. All your heart yearns for.

Also, yes.

But what if we awake to the fact that we already live in the impossible infinite miracle palace?

Observation. Attendance. Keeping alert to the possibility of miracles.

We are the product of evolutionary risk and accident. How many stars were born before Earth manifested in this precarious, fertile, breath-taking form? How many failures and near misses? It is a miracle that this planet is here and provided the atmospheric and elemental conditions for life to emerge and thrive. And a miracle that the sperm found the egg and your DNA was deemed a good enough match for you to create your whole bold self in utero and be born.

Keep that in mind as a serious miracle starter pack, btw! That’s yours as a given.

I count eating food and feeling good afterwards as a miracle. I count being able to get out of bed in the morning. I still get in a spin of thanks about being able to drive a car sometimes. When I complete a bikram session without full body shutdown, I enter the zone of extreme miracle acknowledgement.

It is a miracle to me that I am writing this in the shade of a low slung tree looking across a wind scuffed lake to the snowy mountains of Central Otago. It is a pure miracle every day to wake up with a half angel beside me and a heart that can choose to be free.

What in your wildest life would be a miracle? What shape would it take?

I can almost guarantee if you look closely, the miracle is already there in your life. Maybe not in the form your intellect desires, but in a tentative, tenacious, bold and humble state, ready to evolve.


After observation, in order to flourish, any miracle needs two approaches that seem opposed:

the correct conditions for survival combined with an attitude of the unconditional.

Let’s go into that further.

2. Conditions

This is where you actively participate in the miracle of your life. Once you have noticed your budding miracle, the next step is giving it the best chance of survival.

You must provide it with the internal and external conditions for it to flourish, practically and energetically.

For planet Earth, that was a high level of atmospheric oxygen and an abundance of water. For me – it has been decreed by the anti-Bacchantes – my required conditions involve a lot less wine, a lot more sleep and consistent work on my heart chakra, essentially on cultivating self love and trust.

Consistent, daily actions will keep your miracle alive and growing ever stronger.

3. The Unconditional

Once your conditions are in place and regularly reinforced, wild levels of surrender, forgiveness and unconditional love must be flung over your miracle like a blanket of white mist as you turn away from coaxing it. This can be hard for those used to ‘getting stuff done.’

Set up the optimum conditions for miracle survival and then, with unconditional love and trust, surrender to what happens next. Allow the miracle to develop as it will. It may surprise you by going beyond what you could possibly have dreamed.

The conditions and the unconditional are a paradoxical and perfect pairing. They require patience and practice and a state of being present, of starting over every day, assured of grace.

They ask you to make a relationship with your miracle and with your life. To love it with all your heart and then set it free.

Life will go on if you don’t tend to your miracle soil with practical conditions and an attitude of the unconditional, but it won’t necessarily be miraculous. That’s all. And, guaranteed, those miracles are within you and within your world, just aching to meet the sun.

So ask yourself,

What would a miracle look like in your life right now?

In your wildest dreams what shape would a miracle take?

And then consider what conditions and attitudes might need to gently shift in order to accommodate it.

I’d love to hear of your miracles and of your almost miracles, if you feel happy sharing in the comments below.

Remember awe is a rational starting point.

With great love and admiration, xx

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  • Kelly Johnston August 26, 2014, 7:14 pm

    Hi Loveday,
    Thank you so much for this. I had to laugh when I read it because it’s so in line with what I’ve been thinking & working on lately.
    My number one miracle (though I’ve got a few others in the bag) would be to recover from insulin-dependent diabetes, which I’ve had for about 15 years. After fighting against the illness for most of those years, it finally became clear to me (Newton/apple/thunk!) that if anything’s going to change, it needs to start with changing the nature of my relationship with it. And that means changing my relationship with my body – giving it a break, trying to be kind and compassionate with it (rather than constantly castigating it for being so ‘broken’), and allowing it to be in charge for once, rather than me trying to control everything. Among a few other things. Whew! Tall order!
    I really appreciate your laying out ‘the plan’ so clearly – the external conditions, the internal ones, and of course, the surrender. This has been my daily practice for just a little while now, but now I will surely be remembering you and your thoughtful guidance as I go along. So thank you again and many blessings for your own miracles!

    • Loveday August 28, 2014, 3:06 pm

      Hi Kelly,
      Thank you so much for your thoughtful, beautiful response and for sharing with us your longed for and your almost miracle. It felt very humbling to read your comment. As I read further, a great sense of faith in YOUR purpose welled up in me. Knowing what needs to change is the first and most transforming step and coming to the realisation that it revolves mainly around surrender is huge.
      Now you have the facts and you are tuned in with your inner wisdom, you can little by little begin to work with your body with great kindness, towards a recovery. You are absolutely right, compassion is key.
      Wishing you much love, gentleness and strength as you continue on this journey. Thank you for our blessings – I’ll cherish them! And I’m sending many back to you.
      Thank you for being here, xx

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