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Ocean Tree Planting to Celebrate a Birth


‘Let’s plant Sol some trees at the beach,’ said Kris on his Sunday off.

Love love love! Endlessly blown away by his quiet thoughtfulness and dedication, we bundled into the car to Ocean View cove and spent Sunday with a spade and 30 cabbage trees adding to the small native forest we had planted there last Winter when we thought we would always be two. Renaming it Sol’s Grove as she slept in her pouch.

The chakra that correlates with the first phase of life – the fourth trimester and babyhood – is the root chakra. To put down roots beside the ocean is to dig deep into the earth and to gesture towards routes that cross waters.

It is to bless your babe with home and yet with wandering shoes.

I definitely want to share the story of our daughter Sol Cicely’s birth, but it is so precious and secret still that I’m loving turning it over and over in my mind like a strange and tender gift. For now.

Know that it was 55 hours long and the most magic I’ve ever experienced. Aaaaah. And here – oh look – is her little head.


Shouting out with joy and gratitude to the casserole bearing, laundry hanging, cake feeding whanau of friends and family here in the small, nearly Antarctic, city of Dunedin. We adore you. xxxx

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