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Note to Self: How To Put Broadly Targeted Inspirational Quotes Into Action Even When You Have a Baby. Honestly.


Inspirational Quotes: whether you love them, hate them, put them into practice or get irrationally irritated by them, they are ubiquitous, yet often seem to be targeted at a fairly niche group of people with spare time, ie. the child free.

So, if you are a mother and scratched your head as you read this, bewildered as to how people manage to even shower every day, here are some ways you can put this sincerely lovely and sensible quote above into practice, without putting any pressure on yourself.

+ Feed Yourself Healthy Food

Batch prepare.

Make a houmous and/or a bean dip and keep in the fridge for lunches. Top rice cakes or oat cakes with it, use as a sandwich filler, dollop on a bowl of salad leaves, eat with vegetable crudites. Stir through pasta.

Some recipes to try are here.

Make a large bowl of grated root veg, cover in apple cider vinegar and store in the fridge for salad and sandwich toppings, sushi wrap fillings or as a side with dinner. I use beetroot, carrot and sometimes cucumber and add in grated garlic and root ginger too. Here’s the recipe.

Sweet treats. Here is the recipe for cacao nut clusters packed with protein from nuts and seeds, antioxidants from cacao and good fats from coconut oil. Sugar free and dairy free as well, it will give you plenty of energy. It’s really quick and simple to prepare and can be stored in the freezer.

And don’t worry if dinner is pasta and veggies every night. That’s okay! Whack some protein on top and drizzle with extra olive oil before eating and you’re all good. You’re amazing.

+ Make Sure You Spend Time Outside

Oh, yes, Mother Nature.

When you’re a mother you fully need to be mothered. Take a walk every day in a green space or on the beach. Leave your phone at home. Breathe the good vibes and the negative ions right in. Baby wear or push your little one in a buggy so he or she can nap, if that’s what’s on the agenda. Have a lovely sit. Stare into space.

Here’s a wonderful invocation to use when outside in Nature, calling on the aid of the Divine Mother/Pachamama/Nature Herself. Because she has always got your back. You are a child of the Universe and your child is a child of the Universe. Remember that.

“Divine Mother. I release all pressure, expectation, fear, fatigue, demands, worries and concerns that I have around being a mother, to you. I surrender and align to your wisdom and grace and allow the magic of your creative life force to flow through me. Please protect me and my family and allow me to hear your guidance clearly and feel your love strongly in every moment. Help me to remember that life itself supports me and I am deeply loved.”

(This was given to me by my beautiful friend, Sara Brooke.)

+ Put Yourself to Bed Early

Just do it.

Slam through the tidy up or leave things undone, and get your precious rest in. A little snuggle time won’t go amiss either…

+ Let Yourself Take Naps

Hmmmm, nap feeding life anyone?

If you’re a breastfeeding mother, naps alone may feel like a distant blissful memory.

But at least once a week, ask someone else to be with your baby and get a child free nap in. If you are going through a Wonder Week/teething session/your baby is wakeful at night for no discernable reason, and it’s too hard to switch off to nap, try Yoga Nidra.

A guided meditation/deep relaxation technique that offers the benefits of 3 hours sleep during 1 hour of practice, yoga nidra refreshes and replenishes you like magic. It calms the nervous system and clears the mind – I highly recommend it.

Here is a 28 minute yoga nidra session and a 30 minute yoga nidra session, both of which I use regularly.

+ Don’t Say Mean Things To Yourself

Catch yourself in the act and gently redirect.

It can be helpful to name your inner meanie (mine used to be known as Hank…) and talk firmly and with humour to him/her, maybe like this:

Oh, hi Hank, you aching bastard, I’m just here getting on with being a rad mother. So if you don’t mind, I’m not interested in listening to you today. Thanks. Bye.

Then head straight into physical ACTION to change the energy. Laugh, smile, be a buffoon with your baby, grab her and give her a giant hug, go read a story in a really animated tone.

And then, if it’s a bit more entrenched or you need some deeper energetic shifting work, read this article to see how strengthening your solar plexus chakra will help centre and ground you and keep those mean thoughts from swirling around.

+ Don’t Put Yourself In Danger

Kind of an obvious one. Don’t leave the gas rings on/walk too close to a cliff edge in a gale/enter a cage with a lion.

But this one pertains more to the insidious dangers of ill health, exhaustion and compromised decision making capacities that you will be more able to avoid if you try to draw in the suggestions above.

One of my favourite things to hear people say is: ‘no rush.’

There is no rush. Slow down. Put your shields and weapons and expectations and all the stuff you carry around down. Enjoy being you. And take care of you. Your baby and all the world, which loves you, needs you to.

Hope some of these suggestions helped. Please share in the comments below if you try any or if you have any other ideas to help mothers and the time poor alike. And press those Share buttons if you think someone else might benefit.

All love to you, xo

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