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New Moon Medicine | Return to the Earth


Anyone else feel like life is moving forwards at warp speed yet also that old – ancient even – lessons and opportunities are resurfacing to be lived again?

At the weekend, 14 strangers and friends gathered to dance, meditate, write, illuminate their souls and begin to converse with their essence again. People reported that during The Wild and Good Way they felt like “the free-spirited young girl” they used to be. They felt “incredible shifts” occurring right there.

They reached realisations about the state of their specific energy field, they learned how to move forward with self-healing, they danced their free untrammelled beauty, they cleared long held blockages and a few tapped into the memory that they too are healers.

This new moon, in earthy Taurus, we are once more invited into this space of surrender, surrender that paves the way for body-soul alignment. Once you begin to unravel the conditioning around you and within you that have created blockages between your body’s wisdom and your soul’s light, you can live with freedom and radiance. You can truly trust your own inner compass again.

This new moon, return to your body and to nature. Go outside and begin to move gently in ways that feel nourishing – swaying and circling, resting your hands on your lower belly. Once your tension has started to release, ask yourself these questions and give permission for the answers to arise without judgment:

Do I trust my intuition?

Do I have a deep sense of nourishment and love within my life?

Can I face myself with total acceptance?

Am I ready to be aligned with my soul so that I can be my most empowered and vibrant self?

Am I ready to befriend the shadow as well as the light?

Do I feel called to tune in to my creative wellsprings and the flow of universal energy? And am I ready to do that in whatever way it plays out, knowing that softness is as great a force as strength?

And if you need assistance on your journey, ask those around you. Gather with friends with your feet in the grass. Find a community place or local wellness centre, reach out to a healer or support person, know that you are a healer and that the Earth will help you to self-activate. Spiral down. Return. Restore. Remember.

So much love, xxx

Photo by Phoebe.

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