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New Moon Medicine | Allow in ALL of You


This new moon is a biggie! Karmic repatterning, ending of relationships or the ways in which you relate to others and yourself, and an invitation to give yourself space for ALL of you.

Presence into the self and let it lead you on spirals of reigniting, release, freedom, wildness, chaos and peace.

Libra is the sign of balance but lean into what your concept of that feels like. Can we go acceptance instead? Can we go authenticity? And can we go all in?

I gave a throat chakra activation yesterday to the Luminous Earth Academy Facebook group and didn’t realise how deeply it was working me! I fell into the old tissues of a wound and woke still in the cycle of trying to fit it all into one neat response-box marked ‘processed.’ Guess what? That doesn’t work!

The work is to expand the space, make more porous the boundaries so that all of it can coexist and be flooded with this shimmering light.

You know the light that reminds you you are human and you are glorious. You are divine and you are perfectly flawed. And you are here in this moment for very good reason.

As I was walking to the shower this morning I suddenly stopped and cried. Sol noticed straight away. ‘I want to HUG YOU,’ she yelled. ‘Because you cry.’ We hugged and she wiped my tears with the backs of the balled fists of her sweet hands. ‘Sorry for crying.’ I said. After a little while of gazing at me: ‘Shower,’ she said very seriously and gently guided me towards the bathroom. Oh Sol – ever practical and bodily – drawing me back into presence. And belly laughs as we pulled faces through the shower glass and peace as we sang into town.

The sun and moon are also opposite Uranus – the great awakener. Here in NZ we have awoken to a new political era and it feels glorious and real this time. What of your self can you give yourself permission to awaken to? What within you can you bring presence to?

Jubilant is a pretty good guiding word and wonder is a practical starting point.

Luminous Earth Academy – essential lightworker training is bringing more and more people into an awakened understanding of themselves as powerful healers and light bearers. As Pat Liles says: “Uranus never asks if you’re ‘ready.”” I’m going to add to that – Uranus never asks because you already are ready, just make the choice to wake up to it and wake up to your light.

If you want to join us in a 9 month rebrth into your sacred gifts and an initation into the 5D healing modality of Rahanni, if you want to rise into your divinity while your feet remain firmly on the ground, email info(at)wild-and-good(dot)com for info. The souls coming in for their first healing and soul reading before we begin on 11/11 are blowing my mind!

Wishing you space and loving hands this weekend xxxxx

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