For your free sample of my ’30 Days of Yes’ card set

For your free sample of my ’30 Days of Yes’ card set

For your free sample of my ’30 Days of Yes’ card set

My Story


Welcome to Wild & Good, dear family and friends
and those who have happened here by chance.

Loveday and Kris-90

This healthy eating, wild living blog comes directly from my heart to yours, via my experience in overcoming digestive related Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that threatened to take over my life.

These recipes are designed to be simple, doable, to cover all of your nutritional needs and taste SO good! Many of the recipes celebrate weeds and herbs (nutritional powerhouses) and promote the pleasures of foraging for food and growing your own. Making the right food choices is at the core of good health, as is cherishing where your food comes from – our abundant earth – and where it goes into – your lovely body!

Clearing out sugar, wheat and animal products was the first step for me. What followed was – and still is – a continual process of experimentation. What works for one person won’t work for another. Key to any recovery is mindfulness, compassion and a solid dose of joy.


How you feel impacts on how you digest; what you
eat alters your mood; when you live true to your
purpose and with a deep level of connection to the
earth, you are safe to be wild.


If you had told me twelve years ago where I would be right now I would have called you a dreamer and crawled back into bed!

Today I am happy and strong, embracing life and loved ones with energy and balance. I am convinced that everyone can enjoy a full and vibrant life, no matter their starting point and regardless of what unique health challenges they face.

Enjoy exploring the blog and playing with some of the recipes and techniques – let me know how they go. It is my most deeply held wish that I might offer you some suggestions towards a life that is light and strong, wild and good!

And if you would like to connect further or see how I can help you on your own journey, hop on over to the Collaborate page or check out these lovely words from the women it has been my joy to help so far.

Lots of love,