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Moon Medicine | Time to be your FULL self


Full Moon is a time of shadow and light – both portals for healing and illumination.

This full moon in particular is one of integration of the many parts of you – the shadow and the light inside – and the unfolding of that into the world.

You are being asked to relax into your own fullness, to give yourself permission to fully ground down into your uniqueness and share that. Through sharing you give others permission to be themselves.

You create a ripple effect of authenticity, integrity and expansiveness.

You become physically magnetic.

This is everyday energy alchemy at its best and working to its most positive effect.

In order to be your full self, you need to have faced and embraced your self – that is shadows and all. Deep Shamanic unravelling is best undertaken with an experienced guide, but you can start today by simply making the decision to look your shadow in the eye with love rather than running from it in fear. The shadow only becomes problematic when we build up resistance around its existence.

So this full moon, go gently, go expansively and go there fully. All in. Shadows, light and all.

Watch the video below for more and remember:

to walk a path of light, you do not need to be without shadow.

Sending so much love for your fullness and expansion, and happy full moon! xxxx

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