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At the weekend, I had to cancel a workshop while I rested and hugged out a gastro flu. By Sunday evening, I felt so much better and expanded again. Nothing like a good purge….! Despite being so sick, I was actually happy. I just went into hibernation mode and got into alignment with my need to rest.

It came to mind that the only time we are not happy, the only time we are not magnetic, is when we are out of alignment.

As in, when we are not acting in the way our souls would act, were they allowed their own way.

To add some more fire into the mix, this sense of being out of alignment – showing up as frustration or creative blocks, for example – might just be indication that you are playing too small for your soul. There is a fairly good chance that you are cramping yourself in order to fit into a predefined box rather than allowing your self and the way you manifest your presence in the world to expand to hold all the joy and magnificence that you actually have inside you. This doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with a career as such or what you do in the world, but more how you are every day, how open your heart is, how easy your smile, how true to your self you are able to be.

Lion has been coming up in the healings I have been giving lately, and water has been very present. We are being asked to allow a balancing of fire and water to take place in order to reset our relationship with our selves and then with others, to shed old stories and to get into alignment with the vibrations of our souls.

This full moon illuminates the areas in which we need to restore ourselves, and the retrogrades we are entering are the perfect time to reflect on past stories particularly around how we relate to others in loving and intimate relationships. Purging is a fairly good analogy for what may feel like an intense shedding of skins over these next weeks. But once we have shed, we can reclaim lost soul fragments and realign with our most intrinsic nature. We can redefine who we are through a process of returning home.

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Would love to hear in the comments below if any of this sense of resetting and rebalancing resonates. Sending much love to you, xxxx

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  • Jarka April 16, 2017, 12:19 am

    Wow, this is so spot on. I have been feeling some of these internal shifts and turns and wondered why some ‘old childhood stuff’ has suddenly surfaced. I did ask the Universe to help me be better within relationships and it seems it’s working its magic. Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom.

    • Loveday August 25, 2017, 11:45 am

      Hi Jarka, this long season of resurfacing is continuing! It is a real gift time in which we can look at our shadows, embrace them and move through them. xx

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