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Moon Medicine | Sekhmet the Lion-Headed Goddess, Leo Season and Five Ways to Change your Energy


Leo. The lion. The golden one. The fiery fierce warrior shining incomparable love out into the world.

This August is STRONG. We have two new moons in Leo, an eclipse in Leo and this is the beginning of the new Mayan calendar.

Sekhmet is with us.

Sekhmet is the Egyptian lion-headed goddess, daughter of Ra, the sun god and sister of Baast the cat goddess.

She is called by many names including: Sparkling One, Opener of Ways, Daughter of the Solar Ray, Lady of the Chamber of Flames.

Sekhmet is a robust, incandescent, fiercely feminine, lush and loving force. She has entered in several Rahanni healings recently and I feel she has been with us all year, but now is really her time.

Offer to Sekhmet everything that you want to be consumed in her flames. Offer her your smallness, your fears, your resistance, your stumbling blocks. Be as human as possible when dealing with her. Be specific and detailed.

I feel a deep connection to Sekhmet, not only as she is daughter of Ra—through whom the healing modality of Rahanni moves—but because my daughter, Sol, (also the sun) loves lions and has been dreaming of lions nearly every night this whole year! Sometimes a crocodile and an elephant too, sometimes a baby or a lady, sometimes they go to the shop to buy melon, but mostly it’s just Sol and the lion and they “do roaring and rushing” and Sol gets to ride on the lion’s back.

Sekhmet will come to you in your dreamtime if you ask her to. The way she comes to me is to show me old fears before they are fully cleared out, as a kind of purging process. The dreams are visceral and often almost lucid. They are of a different density to a normal dream. Despite their intensity and confronting nature, Sekhmet dreams are held in a sparkling wash of golden light.

This clearing of old ways is essential in order to open to the new way. Sekhmet, Opener of Ways, encourages you to offer your fears to her flames before going any further.

Sekhmet asks us to use our voice and our words to create change in our selves, our family dynamic, our communities and the wider world.

She tells us that the word is a magical tool.

And she asks us to speak from the heart.

So how can we roar like the lion-headed goddess – with humour, humility, acceptance and expression of the whole self?

+ Start with the heart and speak what is there. Cultivate a habit of sitting in stillness with your hands on your heart and listening to the guidance. Once you receive something—maybe just a nudge to call an old friend or an image that floats into your mind—act on it. Dial the number, tell someone you love them, buy yourself the flowers, speak more openly at work.

+ Note what words you use regularly and ask yourself is that really true? So, “my back is killing me” Is it? “We are haemorrhaging money” Are you? “The spark has died between us.” Has it? Now figure out what you actually want to be going on in your life—probably greater health and vitality, ease with money and a fulfilling relationship—and start speaking about that instead, in private and then slowly in public. Start speaking the truth and start speaking what you envision as if it is already with you, because it is – in your heart. It might feel bonkers to begin with but it will soon flow easily.

+ Chant. Chant long rolling oms, chant nam myoho renge kyo, chant to Sekhmet sa Sekhem sahu.

+ Breathe deeply and slow right down. Know that your breath is fanning your inner flame and yet cooling your outer fire.

+ Sing. Grab the nearest child and their tambourine and sing and dance around. Get on your hands and knees and roar. See who can roar loudest. The pure delight of joyful child’s play is as close to the sacred as you can get.

Sending you LOVE for this Leo season of possibility, connectivity, joy and heart-centred sharing, of loud roaring and shaking of your dazzling mane. Let Sekhmet burn your resistance in her flames and then come out to play. You too are a sparkling one.

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With love and thanks to my priestess teacher, Leyolah Antara, for showing me more of Sekhmet’s ways.

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  • Sarah Jensen August 1, 2017, 8:25 pm

    Love these divine ideas to connect with the energy of August and Sekhmet, thank you beautiful. I’ve been very conscious of being intentional with my thoughts and being in a state of receiving / living as though my dreams are already my reality. I love the idea of chanting and singing to connect with this beautiful energy. And thank you for the loving nudge to surrender to ease and humility. xx

    • Loveday August 25, 2017, 11:44 am

      Oh yes, Sarah! Chanting is an incredible way to ease and realign the flow between our inner and outer worlds. Massive love to you xxx

  • Jo ChunYan August 4, 2017, 12:23 am

    Wow wow wow – you are a beautiful storyteller and I just love the way you weave your words into the little corners of my soul. I love this piece and it has inspired me to learn more about the energy of this season!! Thank you so much for bringing stillness and connection to my Thursday evening in!! Much love XX

    • Loveday August 25, 2017, 11:44 am

      Jo, how beautiful! This comment made my heart smile. Thank you xxx

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