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After eight years five months together and a tally we couldn’t total of places we have lived, we are in our own home, tucked away on a forested river bank within the ocean’s sound, slowly building, planting, hanging doors and battening down.

Having never been just we two or three, we will miss the immediacy of the village, the chatter and friendly bustle around the breakfast table, the random animals we have cared for – we do have 9 ducks as is, so can’t quite shake that vibe! – the many many aunties for Sol to cuddle and share dress-up shoes and hats with. But we are adoring the spaciousness and peace of being on our own land and on our own terms.

The external grounding seems to be effecting a rapid activation of coming out and showing up in other ways too.

I’m so excited to be offering Rahanni healing – the modality I have shared for over 13 years – within my coaching packages.

But first more on how this relates to the full moon…

Before full moon last weekend, there was a rising atmospheric pressure and then a deluge of water: rain, tears, a surf swell and a full river. Followed by a break-through. Isn’t that always the way?

It really is this simple: with utmost love and respect for others, live on your own terms.

If you are grounded in your own power, living in alignment with your desires and your ethics and operating from your heart you will always always feel good. And feeling good leads to ease and clarity, clarity leads to freedom, or the awareness that you always have a choice, and then you come full circle and end up on this continual evolutionary ride of choosing to do what you love with who you love and choosing to love whatever it is you are doing.

This full moon asks us to come back to what is true and what is real. To see the cosmic sparkle beyond the glitter that can sometimes seem to permeate our newsfeeds.

To earth our magic.

To keep on doing the work and seeing that it is love in action.

For that reason, I would love to invite you to a

River Rahanni Reading

In person in Dunedin or via Skype (choose ‘Distant Rahanni Healing + Soul Reading’ option) the River Rahanni Reading is 90 minutes – 2 hours of personalised transformational work involving:

* Rahanni healing
* intuitive soul reading
* spiritual guidance and embodiment work
* chai and cookies if it’s in person
* development work and energetic activations for you to carry on after the session to integrate the healing into your life

During a River Rahanni Reading, I blend together earth-based and elemental wisdoms from Shamanic teachings with shakti awakening work, experiential and nutritional knowledge of recovery from chronic illness when appropriate, and transmissions directly from the higher beings who will accompany us in the work. You will feel alive to purpose, physically deeply rested, opened to love and grounded in your true nature.

To explain a little more about Rahanni….Rahanni is a hands on or distant healing modality that balances energy, awakens you to purpose, reduces inflammation, reconnects you to your internal guidance system and transmutes fear into love. I was attuned to Rahanni directly from the Founder of Rahanni in 2004 and have since received my teacher training qualification, meaning that I can attune others to this healing modality as well as bestow the qualification of Rahanni Teacher on them. (Sort of like a Reiki Master, but not!)

My private Rahanni clients are in different countries and from different backgrounds, but are united by several key desires. They long to feel connected, centred, full of ease and light, empowered, able to express their truth and walk with integrity and joy in the world. They want to feel safe, strong and that they are living in alignment with their soul. They are women and men who:

+ have experienced chronic conditions such as ME/CFS and adrenal fatigue
+ have unresolved traumas they are ready to unravel and bring to light
+ are grieving or going through a process of letting go
+ are confused and overwhelmed by the amount on their plates, and sure there is an easier way to live
+ are high achievers who are in a state of striving and perfectionism, which is exhausting them and depleting their joy
+ have experienced eating disorders or issues around their relationship to food and to their bodies
+ are in emotional turmoil and pain about a relationship and unsure of how to progress
+ crave security yet fear being tied down
+ feel dried up creatively and ready to reactivate their powers of artistic expression
+ are certain they are here to serve the world and make a difference in an out-of-the-box way, but need support and guidance on their journey
+ feel lost, disconnected and no longer able to trust their instincts or their bodies

After a Rahanni healing, my clients have expressed that they feel:

+ deeply rested
+ calm, connected and centred
+ fully seen and heard in ways they have been craving
+ able to put the pieces of the jigsaw together
+ playful and lighthearted
+ supported and unconditionally loved
+ immediate relief from physical issues such as inflammation after injury and digestive discomfort
+ in a state of bliss
+ reconnected to their Guides and their own intuition
+ empowered, bright-eyed and ready to shine
+ reduced anxiety, dissatisfaction and comparisonitis
+ an ability to lovingly hold space for their on ongoing self-healing

Within days of my healing, came 2 HUGE life changing opportunities. which I now cant imagine my life without. These have given me so much faith, clarity, positive focus, direction, sistership, connection & JOY! & have been long held prayers answered on many levels.

I am now much more easily able to stay present, calm & centred, I have so much more compassion & patience for myself. I go within rather than searching outside myself for answers. I am connecting with and trusting my own inner guidance more than ever and it just keeps getting more juicy! – Ruth Quick (

Each River Rahanni Reading is intuitively crafted in collaboration with your energy field, but there are three ways in which you can experience this healing, on Winter Wellness Special Rates:

    * In person in Dunedin, New Zealand. $140NZD (was $165) BOOK NOW FOR JULY 2017 Email info(at)wild-and-good(dot)com to save your spot.

    * As a distant healing and soul reading, including transmitted notes detailing your chakric health, energetic clearings, any guides who may step forward to assist in your healing and activations for you to continue to work pro-actively with the healing energy in your daily life. You will receive an email within 48 hours of the healing containing all this information. $90NZD

    * As part of a month long spiritual and nutritional mentoring package called the Wild and Good Revolution, which resets your diet and lifestyle and returns your energetic state to one of greater nourishment for your soul and your purpose. $380NZD (was $475)

Looking forward to inviting you back to your heart space so you can find all the treasures within you.

More testimonials here.

With so much love and looking forward to seeing you rise into your realness. xxx

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