For your free sample of my ’30 Days of Yes’ card set

For your free sample of my ’30 Days of Yes’ card set

For your free sample of my ’30 Days of Yes’ card set

A few days before my healing with Loveday, I had what I can only describe as a very dark night of the soul. I poured my despair onto paper & asked for help. After months of feeling deeply unsettled, as though I was searching & fumbling in the dark for answers & not getting anywhere, I knew I really needed some support to help me shift some seriously funky, stuck energy.

During my healing I was blown away by some very powerful sensations in my body, as though I was wrapped in something heavy. Energy was moving around my body, & for some time afterwards I felt all ‘jangled’ as though i had been rearranged from the inside out! This was quite intense but also gentle & not at all unpleasant. I was really excited to be feeling this energy clearing & shifting around.

When I received my healing notes, I was again completely blown away. It was like all my Angels, guides & my own body wisdom was right there talking to me though Loveday’s words on the page. And I knew them to be my own truth. Loveday delivers old soul wisdom in a light and tangible way. The notes were the perfect balance between deep feminine angelic wisdom and structured actionable points for you to really work with.

Within days of my healing, came 2 HUGE life changing opportunities. which I now cant imagine my life without. These have given me so much faith, clarity, positive focus, direction, sistership, connection & JOY! & have been long held prayers answered on many levels.

I am now much more easily able to stay present, calm & centred, I have so much more compassion & patience for myself. I go within rather than searching outside myself for answers. I am connecting with and trusting my own inner guidance more than ever and it just keeps getting more juicy!


I fell deeply asleep during the incredible Rahanni healing I experienced and found so much resonance and wisdom in Loveday's healing notes. I feel nourished and blessed by the healing and by Loveday's care, crystalline wisdom and guidance. The medicine is bringing me ever closer to myself, more aligned with my purpose, more glowing in my divinity, and more accepting of myself.

I was new to Rahanni healing when I connected with Loveday and the timing was purely divine. As a Life & Business Coach, and a solo business owner, I’m great at helping others, but my own self-care regularly ends up at the bottom of the list.

Before the Rahanni healing I was feeling off balance, out of sorts, and drained from over thinking, over working and over giving. During the healing I slept the deepest sleep I’d slept in months and I woke feeling refreshed, clear and calm. I felt a sense of ease, love and support, which I’d become disconnected from, and an overall sense of wellbeing, which was truly lovely.

The healing notes Loveday sent to me after the session resonated deeply. She captured the essence of the mental, physical and emotional struggles I’d been experiencing and gave me the gift, not only of healing, but of seeing, acknowledging and nurturing my Self and my soul. I feel blessed to have connected with Loveday and I’m grateful that Rahanni healing is now part of how I nurture and care for myself.


Sara Paulin

I have struggled with CFS since 1994 and have tried numerous strategies. Loveday's empathy as a former CFS sufferer herself filled me with confidence to make the breakthrough. Loveday practises what she preaches and teaches from the ground up with regards to being passionate about our earth giving us nourishment. Her enthusiasm and positive nature are wonderfully contagious. I now feel in control of my body, and not my body in control of me.


I have met a wonderful woman. I am a wonderful woman. I have experienced enrichment on several levels and am eternally grateful for the time and guidance that Loveday has shared with me. Life is good!
Loveday and her husband, Kris, are extraordinary individuals. When I first met Loveday, she suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Medically we have limited treatment for this disabling condition and many sufferers give up.

Loveday, however, persisted in finding ways to overcome her symptoms. Beyond that, she has found ways to help others to manage and surmount their Chronic Fatigue. She now has dedicated her life to work individually with sufferers.

Loveday and Kris are deeply committed to living a consistent ethic of nurturing both nature and the humans around them.


Angie Edwards

Holy shit, this woman’s legit. The whole Wild and Good Revolution was incredibly informative and Loveday was so attentive and helpful with follow-up consults/emails that I had literally no questions left after a while. Very empowering and an excellent way to figure out what works for YOUR body in a gentle, non-judgmental and self-loving way. I feel happy and awesome about myself, strong, full of energy, and I TRUST MY OWN BODY to tell me what I need. Yeah!


If I could use one word about the experience, it would be AMAZING … or maybe INCREDIBLE … or maybe you have to meet Loveday, she is AWESOME!

Anne Basquin

Loveday just glows and has such a deep well of knowledge about how to walk well in this world. Whenever I see Loveday I feel supported by the universe.

I feel like all the trees are bending in her direction and pressing me forward with love and hope. When she first handed me the Wild and Good Revolution guidance, recipes, a shopping list and a food plan for the week I felt like she had handed me treasure.

It is so easy to follow, so clear and simple and so empowering to implement.

I have made permanent delicious changes that are improving my life. I now feel stronger, hopeful, happy, brave, healthy and supported! A heart-opening experience!


Joan Fleming

Despite being a health-conscious gal, last Winter I battled five colds in a row (!), and also got sick with gastroenteritis and tonsillitis. After working with Loveday, I feel happy and energetic. My digestion is like clockwork and I have not caught a single cold all Winter!

The Wild and Good Revolution equipped me with some genuine changes that it has been a joy to make a part of my everyday routine. They make a real difference to how I feel – and how I feel makes a real difference to every other part of my life.


Mara Simpson

We all have dreams but realising them is another matter. It is often so hard to look objectively, to maintain clarity and to hold on to inspiration. To have Loveday to foster that inspiration, help me nut out the logistics and be pragmatic as well as nurture the dreams I hold dear is simply invaluable.