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Come Home to Freedom


It’s been such a while! I hope 2018 has started magically, gently and maybe already fruitfully for you.

We are hunkered down in our yurt with log burner on one day and racing to the beach in blazing sun the next day. The whirl of changing weathers (exterior and interior) is instigating lots of change for all of us. Suddenly our jobs don’t seem so fulfilling, or our relationships ask for a deeper healing. Or our souls simply sing for a greater freedom.

As we edge towards more awakening, here are three questions you can ask yourself (you know in those moments of fear, doubt, wobble or just “hang on, what am I doing….? And why?!”)

How can I bring more love into this situation?

What will nourish me physically right now?

If my future self were here with me in this moment, what guidance would she laughingly, lovingly offer me?


At your core you are love, so bringing more love into a situation is an act of allowing more of yourself to shine. It will feel like a huge relief to inhabit your most expansive self.

Bringing our awareness into the physical body and answering its needs is the ultimate way to get present. When you are present, you can access all of your energy in a way that is not possible when you’re in an anxious or mind-identified space.

Calling on the guidance of your future self (you know that self-assured, grounded, vibrant, open, wise, sparkly, most wonderful you) is a way to hop out of panic space and gain loving perspective. It is an empowering reminder that you are your own guide. Aaaaaand it demonstrates beyond a doubt that that future self is already an integral part of YOU. How great does that feel?

Let me know how these questions go for you. Do they bring you to a place of greater presence, self-compassion and wholeness? Comment below and I’ll write back.

Sending so much love,


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