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Choose Joy | How to Keep Light When the World Seems Dark


The past few days have felt heavy, heart tearing. Global tragedy has come thick and fast.


There is still joy.

Gentle joy in the weight of a loved one’s hand in yours, the shape of a body in sleep, the sheen on the skin of a windfallen apple, the golder light shining around the edge of clouds in the midst of an Autumn gale.

We can take practical steps in adjusting the way our families and societies function, we can help through volunteering, donating, raising awareness and campaigning while, throughout, attending to joy and choosing joy.

This is not denial, naivety or turning away from tragedy. This is looking for the light despite and within the darkness. In witnessing joy in its smallest and most constant manifestations, we invite others naturally into joy.

Joy then gets to work and starts to tip the balance, allowing us in small but significant ways to lift our hearts back up.

To heal and be healed.

Sending love, xxx

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