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Chocolate making and meditation workshop


On Wednesday night, we gathered at Queen’s High School to celebrate the vibrant healing powers of food and meditation. And the deliciousness of chocolate. Artemis health teas donated some delicate loose leaf blends for us to sample throughout the evening while we experimented with our chocolate flavours. Lavender and vanilla, chilli and orange, tart cherry and sea salt, ginger and peanut butter…..mmmmm….


It felt very special to come together in a guided chakra meditation while our chocolates set. I’m once more freshly amazed by the open hearts and minds of beautiful friends and strangers, and honoured to have shared the space with you.



We were fundraising for He Waka Kutuia, the school’s haka group and are happy to say we could make a fairly decent contribution to them.

The chocolate recipe is just the simplest and wonderfully fun to do with kids too! It will be posted here in a few days, so make sure you don’t miss it.

Namaste and yum yum. xxx

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