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cacao mousse


Ending day 2 in style with this delicious light cacao mousse. This only has 3 ingredients, is so easy and crazy good for you.

2 avocadoes
1/2 cup cacao powder
1 banana

Blend up and serve right away. This is straight up smoothie fast fare, but if you need more sweetness, honey will do.

(Avocadoes are continually extolled as the best food ever, probably deservedly. Their balance of fats and nutrients gives them a whole nutritional profile and they help you access the good stuff from other food that they are paired with. Cacao has enormous amounts of antioxidants, polyphenols, protein, calcium, the elusive magnesium, zinc, iron and the list goes on. I don’t usually eat bananas as I find them too sweet and they hold toxins so unless you can buy organic, they’re best avoided (although they do provide potassium). Having said that, this needed a sweet boost and the banana made the texture even more gloopy – yum!)

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